App: GPS Logger

GPS Logger-ikon

Information regarding GPS Logger application

This app is intended to be used as a position data logger, to be used to plot a route, verify position data accuracy or just for fun, using it as a speedometer.

Download it from Google Play store


This app uses your device location services to pinpoint your location, saving this in a log that is on your device and that will be saved to your device if you choose to do so. Allowing the app to use location services on your device is necesary for the app to function in fully.

The position data is in no way sent from your device without you personally selecting it and sending it. The data is in no way used to track you outside of your own active choice.

Power users will have the option to give the app permission to access location while running in background. To do this, go to your device settings and find the apps advanced settings, choosing the option to allow the app to access location while running in the background.

Data export options

At initial launch, export will be possible in JSON and CSV format, depending on what you need. JSON is good for computer analysis and CSV is better for importing into a spreadsheet document.


You can either send an e-mail to joakim (at) or use the contact form if you need to get in touch with me.